Help Your Child Thrive with Their Design

In addition to being a physician, mentor and healer I am also the mom of two daughters (now adults!).

I know firsthand the pain of seeing my children struggle, and not knowing what to do or how to help them. When I first started using Human Design in 2011, it not only transformed how I approached my life - it also transformed how I approached being a parent.


I finally had an operating manual! I wish I could have had this information when they were even younger. But I also know you never stop being a parent, and having this at any age is invaluable.

It is my hope that I can help other parents alleviate the pain that comes from guessing what their child needs to thrive, and quickly find the answers that await in their Human Design Blueprint.

Discover who your child is designed to be

Your Child's Design Blueprint

As a parent, you have a deep desire to provide a nurturing environment for your child. But sometimes it’s not enough.

In today’s world, it is harder than ever before to be a child. From a very early age through adolescence, if they are perceived in any way as “different”, they often struggle with being labeled and marginalized - like they are a problem to be fixed.

Their beautiful soul gets lost, and they struggle. And when your child suffers, so do you.


Just as you have your own unique blueprint, so does your child. It is the guide you need so that you can know what your child needs to flourish.

With your child’s operating manual, you’ll understand who your child is from the inside out, and learn how to support them to live authentically, confidently, and joyously. You can both then celebrate their uniqueness, and feel the freedom that comes from living in alignment.

Human Design will help you uncover your child’s unique gifts and challenges, guide you in understanding where they may be out of alignment, and how you can more effectively provide support so they can thrive by being their true and joyous self.

You’ll experience your child being seen and validated, and you’ll feel inspired and empowered as you learn who they are from the inside out. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Their 4 Human Design Keys to understanding their energetic makeup, their best strategy for navigating life, and how they interact with others and the world around them.

  • How they can use their built-in decision-making process to make the right decisions - every time.

  • Some of their unique gifts and challenges.

  • Effective strategies to help them work with their design, rather than struggle against it.

Deep insights and key revelations will bring a new understanding of why your child may be struggling and a guide forward.

You’ll also get insights as to potential sticking points between your designs, and how to navigate them so you feel confident in your ability to help your child flourish by being themselves.


Includes 60-minute session, comprehensive report plus session recording.

 You must have already had your Human Design Blueprint with me. You are welcome to invite your spouse or partner to the session; if appropriate, your child can also be present.

If your child is an adult and seeking additional guidance on career, relationships or life purpose, please purchase an adult reading package.

If your child is a teen and would like his/her/their own session, please purchase a teen-specific reading here.


*You will need to have your child’s exact birth time in addition to the date and location at the time of scheduling.*

Schedule Your Child's Human Design Blueprint

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