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Live Your Soul's Blueprint


We each come into this lifetime with a blueprint for what we need to be healthy - physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. It’s what makes us each unique – and why we each need something a little different.

These layers are all intertwined, and all must be addressed to create health of the whole you. But it can quickly get confusing to understand where to focus your attention, and you can end up wasting your precious time and resources on things that don't work.

In my decades of practicing medicine, holistic health, and intuitive coaching including ObGyn, Functional Medicine, Functional Genomics, Energy and Mind-Body Medicine, Human Design and Astrology, I have found a shortcut. I call this Your Soul's Blueprint. 

Made up of maps from your DNA (genes), Human Design and more, Your Soul’s Blueprint gives you the inside scoop on who you are and what you need to be healthy in mind, body and soul.

With this straightforward guide to creating health of the whole you, you feel better faster -  without the guesswork or trying to fit into a mold that isn’t yours.


By knowing who you are from the inside out, you’ll understand how to find the strategies that will work for you.


Learn more about using your Soul's Blueprint to address your health from the inside out through DNA, Human Design, Functional & Mind-Body Medicine, Astrology and more.


This 30-minute laser-focused consult is the best way to quickly get a different perspective on your health issues, understand the "why" and have a clear path forward.


Access your DNA blueprint to get personalized diet, lifestyle & medication strategies for current health concerns, plus prevention to keep you your healthiest as long as possible.


Go deep into who you are, how you are energetically designed, and how to use this Human Design roadmap for navigating life in a way that is more aligned with your true self.


After 15 years as an Ob-Gyn physician, a personal health crisis opened up a new path to find the answers I needed.


It changed my life and revolutionized how I helped my patients.

A Different Perspective on Health


Nothing was working, and I was still in pain despite shoulder surgery for a career-ending injury. Exhausted and depressed, I was told it was all in my head, and I needed to just suck it up and push through. This gave me the not-so-gentle push I needed to look for answers elsewhere. Free to explore a new journey, I discovered amazing opportunities to approach health from a different perspective.

After decades of studying and using diverse approaches to truly address health of mind, body and spirit, I have found that no single approach works for everyone or every time.

That’s because these layers of health are intricately interwoven with the blueprint you created for this lifetime - your DNA, your physical body, your thoughts and emotions, your soul’s purpose, and your energetic makeup.

All of these interact with your life experiences along the way to create the unique person that you are today.

So if you’re struggling to find answers for your emotional or physical health, or are seeking more meaning and fulfillment in your life, you may just need a different point of view - one that sees you as the unique individual that you are. Your Soul's Blueprint is the place to start.


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