Transform your Life & Health with your Soul’s Blueprint

Discover who you are from the inside out

 Our physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual health are all intertwined. Each layer must be addressed for you to thrive, and the information for what you need is encoded in your Soul's Blueprint - the 'operating instructions' that you created for this lifetime.

Your DNA blueprint gives great insight into your biochemistry, and what you need for physical and emotional health - from diet to lifestyle, stress management to exercise, and more. Combined with a Functional Medicine approach, it is a great place to start if you are experiencing physical or emotional health issues, want to be more proactive in your health, or just want to know yourself at a deeper level. 

But your physical health is just the beginning. Luckily there are ways to access other aspects of your Soul's Blueprint too.

That's where Human Design comes in. It is a powerful blueprint that helps you see, in concrete terms, your energetic makeup and how you are designed to be in this lifetime.

When you uncover who you are designed to be, you understand your own energetic makeup, and how you interact with others in your life. Your Soul's path and purpose become clear, and your work and life now bring you fulfillment and joy. 

Anchored in the clarity gained from your own life's roadmap, you can let go of all that you have been told you "should" be and do, and trust your own inner wisdom and Blueprint to guide you on your path.


Helping You Live Your Soul's Blueprint


Who are you, why are you here, and what do you need to experience the freedom of being yourself so you can enjoy health of mind, body and soul?

Using the knowledge, wisdom and skills gained from decades of helping women improve their health of mind, body and spirit along with my own life’s challenges, I will help you go deep into discovering your own Soul's Blueprint and answering these questions for yourself.

With your personal Soul's Blueprint to guide you, you’ll feel empowered to navigate your own journey with confidence because it's personalized to you. And once you have your own blueprint, you can do the same for your intimate partners and children.

Isn't it time you stop struggling and start living an aligned life full of health, purpose, fulfillment and joy?

Choose from the options below. Please contact me if you have any questions about these services or are not sure which one is right for you.

Integrative Health Consult: Laser Focused Answers 

Sometimes you just need a little help to get clarity on where to find the answers you need for your health. This 30-minute laser-focused consult is the best way to quickly get an integrative perspective on your health issues that goes beyond conventional approaches, so you understand the “why” and have a clear path forward for next steps.

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Your DNA Blueprint: An Individualized Health Roadmap

Your genes contain your blueprint for how your body runs, and what you need to support optimal health. You’ll get specific diet, supplement & lifestyle strategies personalized to your DNA to address current health concerns and potentially prevent future health issues – plus how to assess whether your strategies are working at the cell level. Personalized medication guidance also available.

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Your Human Design Blueprint: A Guide to Aligning Your Life

Go deep into who you are, how you are energetically designed, and how to use this Human Design roadmap for navigating life in a way that is more aligned with your true self. You’ll also get a deep understanding of how you are designed to be in the world and interact with others, plus we’ll cover how to align yourself and your work with your life's purpose. Packages for adults and for children.

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Your Relationship Blueprint: A Signature for Success

Just as we each have a unique Soul’s Blueprint, each relationship also has a unique energetic signature. We’ll cover what you each bring to the relationship, where you may struggle for control, where you create sparks, and where you are most compatible along with guidance on how to support each other with love, respect, and compassion.
Packages for Adult Relationships and Parent-Child Relationships

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