Transform your Life & Health with your Blueprint

Knowledge is Power

The information for what you need to thrive is encoded in your Blueprint - the 'operating instructions' that you created for this lifetime. Find out how well you are doing with your Biological Age. 

Influenced by a lifetime of influences including diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, environment and trauma, your Biological Age gives you a real-time snapshot of how your body is functioning.


Your Future Is In Your Hands


With this powerful inside information about your own biology, you now are in control of your health. No more guessing, or waiting until disease strikes. You have a clear path forward to changing your health trajectory.

Personalize your strategies even further by including your DNA blueprint, along with real -time assessments of your metabolic and microbiome health. This gives great insight into your biochemistry, and your unique needs for optimal physical and emotional health - from diet to lifestyle, stress management to exercise, and more.

This is a great place to start if you are experiencing health issues, want to be more proactive in your health, or just want to know yourself at a deeper level. 

Anchored in the clarity gained from your own life's roadmap, you can let go of all that you have been told you "should" be and do, and trust your own Blueprint to guide you on your path to optimal living.

Biological Age - A Quick Snapshot

Get a quick snapshot of your biological age, and see how healthy you really are.

Package includes Epigenetic Age and Telomere tests, plus a 60-minute session to review results along with recommended diet and lifestyle strategies to help you improve how you age.

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Epigenetic Wellness Package

Get an in-depth assessment of your biological age and genetic health - plus personalized strategies to optimize how your body is aging.

In this 6-month program, you'll be able to track your progress with before and after comprehensive Biological Age testing.

We'll also go in-depth into your Blueprint to further personalize your strategies with DNA Nutrigenomic testing, plus real-time snapshots of your biochemistry and microbiome health. 

Also includes ongoing support for optimizing your health and wellness over the 6-month program.

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