Create deeply fulfilling relationships by Design

Throughout my career helping women with their physical, emotional, and spiritual health, there is a common thread that shows up over and over: relationships.

As women, through our own nature as well as through our culture, we often find ourselves putting everyone else first.

But that can backfire when it comes to creating healthy relationships, because having healthy relationships starts with ourselves.


Without having a clear understanding of who we each are, and how we relate to each other on an energetic level, the path is rife with miscommunications and misunderstandings. Over time, we can end up feeling disconnected, unappreciated, unloved.

Human Design offers a unique window into every relationship in your life, enabling you each to understand and appreciate what you need to not only succeed but to thrive.

Every relationship has its own Blueprint. What’s yours?

Human Design for Relationships


Just as we each have a unique Soul’s Blueprint, each relationship also has a unique energetic signature.

Human Design gives you a blueprint for accessing hidden aspects that are often the greatest cause of friction in any relationship. By understanding what you each bring to the relationship, and how the two of you create a unique energetic blueprint for the relationship itself, you’ll unlock the keys to knowing how to support each other in navigating through with love, respect, and compassion.


Using the knowledge, wisdom, and insights from your individual Human Design charts, as well as how they come together, you’ll feel empowered to truly understand each other, how you each can get what you need and support each other without shame, judgment, or resentment.

When you are each free to be yourselves, and to create a relationship that nourishes and supports you as you are designed to be, you open the door to a level of connection, love, and acceptance that you never thought possible.

A relationship always starts with each individual, and that is the starting point for your Relationship Reading as well. In this package, you’ll each get to know your own Designs first. Then I’ll use your individual Designs to see how they interact within the relationship. You’ll learn more about each other as individuals, what you each need to thrive, how you each impact each other, and how to best nurture your relationship.

In addition to the 2 comprehensive Human Design readings for each person, your package includes a 90-minute relationship reading that reveals:

  • Where you have harmony and where you are most likely to experience challenges

  •  How to find the stress triggers - and the strategies to diffuse them

  • Ways in which you connect on various levels including friendship and intimacy

  • Places where one person needs to be “steering the ship” - and where the other person does best going with the flow

  • Strategies for honoring the sacredness of your relationship without giving up yourselves

Deep insights and key revelations will bring a new understanding of your relationship so far, why you may be struggling, and a guide forward. You’ll also get support to help you integrate your new awareness into practical tools for nurturing each other and your relationship, so you feel confident navigating this new way of relating.

You each then let go of the stress and resentments, do away with misunderstandings, and start enjoying a deeply fulfilling and nourishing relationship that will continue to evolve and grow.

Includes 3 sessions, comprehensive individual reports and session recordings.

Ready to create a mutually fulfilling relationship?

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**If one or both of you have already had your Human Design readings with me, please email me and I’ll create a customized package that takes into account what you’ve already done.

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