Are you feeling lost, stuck or unfulfilled in your life and your work?

After 15 years as an ObGyn physician, I knew I was here to be and do something more.

But I didn’t know what, and fear and indecision kept me stuck. For YEARS.

I kept circling back around to these core questions: Who am I? What is my purpose and how do I live it? Human Design and Astrology are great ways to access your inner Blueprint and provide answers to these core questions.

I’ve used this approach to realign my own life and career several times to heed my Soul’s calling – several times already - and am doing it again now.

I know how scary it can be, and it’s not always easy, but I promise you it feels so much better on the other side.


All the information you need to start creating your aligned life full of joy, fulfillment, and purpose is in your Soul’s Blueprint.


Your Soul’s Blueprint is what you created to support your journey in this lifetime, and I want to help you to access it.

Because your Soul’s blueprint gives you the answers you are looking for. It reconnects you with who you are - from the inside out - and gives you the tools and the freedom to live it.

It’s a proven way to tap into your own inner voice, and access the roadmap you need to live in alignment. Using the knowledge, wisdom, and skills gained from decades of helping women tap into their own inner wisdom to navigate life, along with navigating my own life’s challenges, I will help you go deep into answering these questions for yourself.

With your blueprint as your guide, you’ll feel empowered to navigate your own spiritual journey and create an aligned life full of health, purpose, fulfillment, and joy.And experience the freedom of being you.

Start with your Human Design Blueprint, or upgrade to add in Astrology for a complete and in-depth guide.

"Learning about the human design blueprint for me, my husband, our relationship and each of our children was extremely enlightening. 

I only wish I had this information when they were babies. Who knows how much more evolved we all might have been with that information early on.

I also did my astrology chart and found that information fascinating as well.

I highly recommend doing this work with Bobbi to anyone interested in learning more about how to maximize their human potential! I believe we all could benefit from a “guidebook" on how to navigate life and earth school more easily. This is a great tool for just that...

Deanna Cherrone

Your Soul’s Blueprint: Human Design


In this comprehensive series of 2 Human Design readings, you’ll be introduced to your unique Design, with a deep dive into who you are. We’ll cover your 4 Keys: Type, Strategy, Profile, Authority, plus an introduction to your unique Genius and how to align yourself and your work with your life's purpose.

You’ll also get a deep understanding of your energetic centers and how you are designed to be in the world and interact with others.

You’ll feel seen, validated, inspired, and empowered as you learn who you are from the inside out. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Understand your energetic makeup, how you interact with your others and the world around you.

  • A personal strategy for navigating life and living in alignment.

  • How to use your built-in decision-making process to make the right decisions for you every time.

  • Guidance on how to embrace your true Self and your life’s purpose.

  • How your energetic centers, channels and gates create your unique Design and also influence and interact with the world around you.

  • Your unique fears, voices, feelings, ways of taking action, responding to pressures, creative inspiration and thought processes.

  • Some of your unique gifts and challenges and how to leverage them for your work, your relationships, and your life.

  • Support and guidance for integrating YOU into your life.

$600 + tax

Includes 2 75-minute sessions, comprehensive report plus session recordings.

You must know your exact birth information: date, time and location

Start Living by Design

Upgrade to include Your Soul’s Blueprint: Astrology


When you add these 2 Astrological readings, you’ll gain additional insight into how the planetary energies at the time of your birth influence you and how you are here to live your life. We’ll cover your overarching life themes, chart angles, Sun, Moon and Rising Sign Signature, inner planets and your moon’s nodes.

You’ll feel seen, validated, inspired, and empowered as you learn who you are from the inside out. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Your self-image, how you see yourself and how others see you

  • How you shine your light and your gifts you have to share

  • How to nurture your inner self and create your unique home sanctuary

  • What you need for fulfilling relationships

  • Where you are challenged in relationships with yourself and others - and where these may come more easily

  • Your deepest emotional needs

  • How you attract abundance, take action, communicate and learn

  • Your life’s calling as it relates to your work in the world

  • Your spiritual purpose

  • Support and guidance for integrating YOU into your life

Purchase the Soul's Blueprint package and get both the Human Design and the Astrology Readings for a complete guide.

$1100 + tax

You must know your exact birth information: date, time and location

Upgrade and purchase the Soul's Blueprint package

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