Access Your DNA Blueprint 


Your DNA contains your blueprint for how your body runs. It's your own "operating manual", unique to you.

Let go of the struggle to figure out what you need to be healthy from the inside out. Your genes will guide you to what you need for diet, lifestyle, exercise, supplements, and even medication.

And because your mental, emotional and physical systems are all intertwined, we'll go deep into understanding your DNA to see what makes you tick, why and where you may be out of alignment, and how to get back on track to be your healthiest self - now and throughout your lifetime.


As a physician and leader in Functional Medicine and Functional Genomics, I've been helping patients and teaching clinicians how to benefit from holistic, personalized health and wellness strategies for over a decade. Adding DNA Blueprints to my approach revolutionized how I was able to help my patients get to the root cause of what was creating illness - and what they needed to restore health. 

Whether you're suffering with depression, anxiety, fatigue, thyroid or hormonal issues, endometriosis, estrogen-related breast cancer, high cholesterol, autoimmune disease or just don't feel your normal vital self, I can help.

If you want to understand how to optimize your medications or even eliminate them, or if you just want to be as proactive as possible with your health as you age, this is the best way to get answers that are specific to you.

By revealing what lies hidden in your genes, you now have a shortcut that can reveal your own personal roadmap that you can follow for life. Whether you are seeking to address a current physical or emotional health issue, or want to be proactive about your health in the years to come, this is the place to start.

Get Your Health Roadmap

Get your comprehensive health roadmap based on your own DNA blueprint. You'll gain a deeper understanding of what makes you tick, and your unique guide to health.

This is NOT genetic testing, which focuses on inherited diseases lurking in your DNA. Instead, it focuses on small changes in your DNA that potentially predispose you to disease or problems with medications by altering your body's biochemistry. And just as powerful, we also know how to modulate their impact.

Your Nutrigenomic DNA Blueprint Package assesses your gene strengths and weaknesses that can contribute to diseases, PLUS you get a personalized plan for diet, lifestyle, and supplements - and the lab tests you may benefit most from.


Your Nutrigenomic DNA Blueprint Package


We'll cover how over 150 gene SNPs may be impacting your health in multiple different biological systems, and specific nutrigenomic strategies you can implement now - and throughout your lifetime - including diet, lifestyle, and supplements.

It can be easy to get lost in all of that information, so we'll spend most of our time focusing on the areas that are most pertinent to you. In order for you to get the most value out of your DNA Blueprint, your testing is only part of the story. Because you and your genes don't exist in isolation, it's important that I understand your needs and concerns, as well as your current health strategies, in order to create your personalized guide. 

While additional lab testing may be recommended, it is not included in the package. We can discuss how to work with me to go deeper into your health as part of the next steps discussion.

All sessions are done using Zoom.

This package includes:

  • Advanced nutrigenomic DNA test (cheek swab)
  • 30-minute initial consultation
  • Summary Report of your gene strengths and weaknesses
  • Your Comprehensive Personalized Plan with Recommendations and Strategies 
  • 60-minute consultation to review your results and your plan, answer your questions, and discuss next steps
  • Session recordings

Entire Package Price: $1200

If you live outside of the U.S. please contact me first.


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