How Old Are You Really?

YourĀ Epigenetic Blueprint BioAge tells you how old you are physically - at the cellular and DNA levels.

Learn whether your Biological Clock is aging faster or slower than your chronological age - and what you can do to change it.

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Aging happens from the inside out 

Are you aging well? Do you have the right information to know what your body needs to function optimally for as long as possible?

How your cells are aging is the biggest determinant of your health and longevity. When you live in alignment with your own Blueprint, your cells can function at their best.

But when you don't, they have to adjust and compensate. And how your cells adjust over time is linked to your DNA and changes called Epigenetics.

Affected by diet, lifestyle and environment, epigenetic changes occur at any age as a response to how we are living. While these changes may benefit survival in the short term, over time they can cause damage to our cells. When our cells don't function at their best, neither do we - and aging happens from the inside out.


 Aging: #1 Cause of Chronic Diseases and Death


Cellular aging is the leading contributing factor for age-related chronic diseases and death. Epigenetic methylation signals can make us age even faster. But this doesn't just happen when we are older; it starts even before we are born.

Influenced by a lifetime of factors including diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, environment, relationships and trauma - plus your individual DNA Blueprint -  your Biological Age gives you a real-time assessment of how your body is functioning and aging from the inside out.

This information then empowers you with the roadmap for what you can do to improve it. 

Knowing your BioAge is not just for slowing down or reversing the aging process later in life - it's also a powerful way for helping us be proactive throughout our lifetime to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. 


Get Your BioAge Now

Dr. Deanna Cherrone

I highly recommend doing this work with Bobbi to anyone interested in learning more about how to maximize their human potential! I believe we all could benefit from a “guidebook" on how to navigate life and earth school more easily. This is a great tool for just that...

All The Tools You Need

Telomeres and DNA Methylation (Epigenetics) testing technologies have advanced greatly, and so have the algorithms, to provide much more accurate and predictive results. 

Now we can assess not only your Biological Age, but how fast you are aging in the moment. Changes you make now can result in measurable improvements in your health.

Having knowledge is only one part of the process. You'll also benefit from expert guidance as to the strategies and actions you can take to improve your health - and life.


Don't Travel Blind 


Empower yourself to make your Health Journey easier.

Know your true age - your BioAge. No more guessing at what you need, or whether you are on the right track. Using advanced epigenetic and telomere testing, you'll know how your health strategies are working - or not.

Your personalized plan will then help guide you the rest of the way for your healthiest life.

Quick Snapshot or In-Depth


Your life is always changing - and so is your biology. Knowing how your life experiences are affecting your biology can help you make better choices for your health. 

Because Epigenetics and Telomeres respond to your diet and lifestyle, your BioAge is a great tool for guiding you along your health journey. Whether you are looking for a quick peek at your health, or deeper insights with full support in helping you implement effective strategies, you've come to the right place. 

BioAge Snapshot

Get a quick snapshot of your biological age, and see how healthy you really are.

Package includes:

- advanced Epigenetic and Telomere tests

- basic BioAge and DunedinPACE aging speedometer reports.

- 30-minute session with me to understand what this means for you, plus recommended diet and lifestyle strategies to help you improve how you age.

**Can be repeated every 8-12 weeks.**


In-Depth Evaluation

Go deeper into your Epigenetics with a customized solution.

This can include not only your BioAge, but also look at how your Epigenetics are influencing your risks for chronic disease.

We can also look at how your DNA is influencing your Epigenetics for a full picture of your Health Blueprint.

The first step is to schedule aĀ callĀ so we can create your customized blueprint strategy.Ā 


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