What is Your Health Blueprint?

health human design Jun 04, 2023

In my experience, so much of health and disease results from whether we are living in alignment with who we are. But there is so much confusion about who we are supposed to be, and what we should do to be healthy, that people often waste time and energy going down the wrong path.

What if you could have insider information to create your own roadmap to optimal health without relying on trial and error? 

Your Health Blueprint removes the guesswork by helping you understand who you are from the inside out, and what you uniquely need.

My quest is to understand how to help each person find the tools that will work for them in the best way possible to create health. Mind, Body, and Soul are all interconnected, and you need to address all of them to create optimal health across your lifespan. Some may be more on the front burner than others but ultimately you have to weave them all together.

My strategy is to find practical tools that help me quickly get to the core of an issue. I have studied many ways of healing, identifying the essence of what I find works, the golden nuggets that I can pull out and then use to help people. All this then comes together into each person’s unique blueprint for health.


Health Blueprint: DNA, Human Design, & Epigenetics

Your personal Health Blueprint comes from your DNA, Human Design, and Epigenetics.


Biological Blueprint: DNA 

When I look at a person’s DNA, it's not from the point of predetermined genetics but from the point of possibility. We each have millions of really small changes in our DNA called SNPs that can change how our genes function and can affect our biochemistry and biology. Having this information enables me to personalize their diet, lifestyle, and supplement strategies to optimally support their health at a cellular level.

Soul Blueprint: Human Design

In addition to being genetically unique, we are each here on our own soul’s journey as we also play a role in the fabric of humanity. Human Design is a blueprint of who we are designed to be on an energetic and psychospiritual level. This knowledge clarifies their gifts and growth areas for this lifetime, their unique strategy for navigating the world and making the right decisions for them, their life purpose, and how they relate to others.

Life Experience Blueprint: Epigenetics

A third layer of the Health Blueprint is Epigenetics. Epigenetic changes are little tags on our DNA that also affect how our genes function, but without changing our actual DNA. While our DNA and Human Design blueprints are fixed, Epigenetics is dynamic. These tags help us respond to our environment and adapt to ensure short-term survival. This includes our life experiences - relationships, stress, diet, lifestyle, toxins, etc. Because these tags can change fairly quickly, Epigenetics provides a great way to assess whether our diet and lifestyle are aligned to support the optimal functioning of our biology.

All of these epigenetic changes may not be yours, though. Epigenetic tags can also be inherited, and there is much research into how it plays a role in trauma that gets passed down from generation to generation - both individual and collective.


The Health Blueprint: Powerful and Empowering

I think intuitively we all know we're unique, we all know we need something a little different. But it can be a challenge in a world that expects people to be the same, to fit a certain model of living and creating health.

With the Health Blueprint, it’s so empowering for people to take abstract concepts and bring them into a more concrete reality.

They see themselves, and why they are unique, and something magical happens. They stop struggling against themselves. Rather than judging themselves for being different, they can then start letting go of beliefs, behaviors, and ways of being that aren't aligned with their true selves.

It also eliminates so much trial and error that can waste time and resources and provide a clearer path for each person at every stage of their life.

In the many years of doing this work, I have found that it's really helpful for me as a clinician, and as a guide, to have this information because it illuminates what was previously hidden below the surface. With their Health Blueprint, I can stop guessing and know much more precisely what each person needs to get back on track and feel their best. I can tailor how I present information, where I focus, and where my priorities need to be.

The Health Blueprint is equally helpful for the person that I'm working with because it takes something from that abstract idea of health and well-being and gives them their own roadmap that they can use throughout their life. Whenever they feel off track, they can check back with this roadmap and know how to realign much more quickly.

That’s powerful and empowering for everyone.


Ready to know yourself through your Health Blueprint? Start with your Human Design Blueprint.

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