Human Design: Your Soul's Blueprint for Life

energetic health human design soul blueprint spiritual health May 20, 2022
Human Design Mandala

Who am I?

Why am I here?

How do I best achieve my Soul's purpose?

These are questions that every culture has attempted to answer. One of the best ways to get to the heart of each person's essence is Human Design. Created from the integration of several existing ancient modalities, including the I Ching, Chakra System, Astrology, and Kabballah, Human Design is a relatively new system that was downloaded by Ra Uru Hu in 1987. It provides a very clear means to know ourselves, and recognize what our gifts and challenges are. It also provides a guide as to how to work with them most effectively.

Based on activations from the Starfield Neutrino subatomic particles as well as the planets, it is a concrete way of understanding your energetic makeup, your unique energetic frequency that you put out into the world - and how you interact with others. Using your birth information, your Design is then created from not one but TWO calculations: your time of birth, and also 3 months prior - when your Soul is said to come in and connect to the fetal neocortex.

This second step is unique to Human Design, and one of the reasons it is so powerful. The 13 activations from your moment of birth create your Conscious Design, and the 13 activations from 3 months your Unconscious Design. Together, they create 26 unique energetic frequencies that make up YOU.

Here's how it works. Have you ever heard a 12-string guitar being played? The sound is much more vibrant than one with only 6 strings. Now suppose you have not a 12-string but a 26-string guitar that is specifically tuned to your 13 Conscious and 13 Unconscious frequencies. Each of them is different - some harmonize and some create tension. But the sum of them is you. Your unique frequency, the one you created to support you in whatever growth and contracts your Soul chose for this lifetime.


Once you know your Design, you can start teasing out each of the different frequencies individually and in combination. While there are 5 keys that look at specific aspects of your unique Design, the best place to start in learning about your Type.

There are 5 Types, each based on a specific arrangement of your conscious and unconscious activations, and each has a specific strategy for navigating life and relationships. The most common Types include Generators and Manifesting Generators - they make up about 70% of the population. Projectors come next, at about 20%, and the last is the rare Reflector Type, making up only about 1%.

Learn more about your unique Design, schedule a reading here.


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