Find Your Unique Path with Your Human Design Blueprint

human design relationships soul blueprint spiritual health Aug 13, 2023

Everyone has their own uniqueness. What I love about Human Design is that it gives each person a framework plus practical strategies for truly understanding and connecting with themselves.

A relatively new approach incorporating ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science, Human Design is a way to go beneath your conscious awareness without judgment. It helps to show you who you are born to be and provides you a path to increase your ability to become more conscious of your true self  - with all of your gifts and challenges. Without awareness, nothing can change or grow.

But as beautifully streamlined as it can be in reconnecting us with ourselves, it comprises many layers, nuances, and components that can initially seem overwhelming. This can lead to getting so caught up in the details that you lose the big picture, defeating the whole purpose of Human Design. 

Understanding your Human Design is not a pass/fail endeavor. You are meant to live your design, not take it on as a homework assignment with rigid expectations of right and wrong. 

I see this over and over, and the result is often that people get so caught up in the intellectual exercise of learning about all of the centers and gates, the lines, the circuits ... that they forget to step back and get to the heart of what Human Design is all about: tuning into your Soul's purpose and living your unique path.

This is why having a knowledgeable and experienced guide can make all the difference in navigating this beautiful and powerful blueprint.

Human Design is not about memorizing all of the elements of your chart. There are so many layers and nuances that trying to do so all at once will defeat the whole purpose of knowing and living your design. Rather, it's about using it as a framework for navigating life's experiences, using them to learn and grow. 

Yes, it's important to understand the fundamental elements, starting with your type, strategy and authority. Next comes understanding the key gates of your design, including your profile. Get to know your conscious and unconscious sun, earth and moon energies. Then expand into getting to know your centers, especially how you experience your openness. As your life unfolds, use your blueprint to gain insights into the rest of your design, including your channels, gates, lines and other aspects.

Over time you develop a deep understanding that only comes from interacting with life. Your design, with all of its beauty, emerges little by little. Each experience offers you the opportunity to engage with your inner wisdom, your Soul's bright light, and integrate some new part of yourself into your consciousness.

We Learn Through Relationship


We are all relational beings. We are designed to be in relationship to and with others and the world around us. Through these interactions, whether they are brief or span longer periods of time, we shape our beliefs and way we see the world. They also shape how we see ourselves. 

When we operate unconsciously from these hidden beliefs and ways of being that are not really ours, are not aligned with who we are designed to live and grow in this lifetime, we often suffer without knowing why. Human Design is a powerful tool for helping us uncover the truth about these stories and beliefs.

These stories you've picked up along the way, whether they are ones you've told yourself or absorbed other people's stories about you, can create internal stress because on the Soul level you feel the misalignment. You can sense that the personas you project out into the world, and the ones that are projected onto you, do not resonate with your own tuning fork, your unique frequency. 

This often leads us into relationship patterns with ourselves and others that prevent us from truly shining as we are here to do. But Human Design is not about a magic wand that makes everything perfect. We all still have our own spiritual journey that cannot be fulfilled without many life experiences that reveal new insights about ourselves and others. While we often judge these experiences from a perspective of duality - they are either good or bad - this belies the complexity of who we are here to be and the lessons we are here to learn.


Embracing Your Design


Rather, our Soul growth is about honoring all of the complexity of being human, of life itself, and in the process, discovering who we are. From this conscious awareness, we can then embrace this with curiosity and without judgment, shame, or blame. Life is not about avoiding situations and experiences and living in some perfect nirvana. It's about getting to know the frequencies that are uniquely yours and learning to navigate your relationships and life in attunement. And when you find yourself out of tune with your unique frequency, how do you navigate your way back into resonance. You can only know this through practice, through experience.

Human Design gives us a shortcut to understanding this on a philosophical level, and the tools to bring this into our lives in practical ways.

It is not a box to fit in, it’s not a prescription or quick fix. It is not a rigid blueprint that provides all of the answers. Human Design is a flexible, breathing framework that is alive within you. It empowers you by reconnecting you with who you are on a soul and energetic level.

This self-recognition is the heart of Human Design. When you feel seen and understood, you can start unwinding the stories that hold you back from living your unique frequency, your unique path.

Break through your overwhelm and unwind the stories keeping you stuck with a Human Design reading.

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