Genomics is the Key to Optimal Health

 Creating a Functional Genomics Program


Currently, billions of dollars are spent every year on addressing chronic health issues (including cancer) and adverse drug reactions. With more than 90% of chronic health issues resulting from a collision course between a person's genes and their environment, and 99% of people having DNA that can affect how they process their medication, this is a massive problem that impacts everyone.

While we have improved the diagnostic process, still so much is left to educated guesswork. This often leads to a waste of precious time and resources searching for answers, or even worse to missed or delayed diagnosis and ineffective or harmful treatments. And creating effective prevention strategies is even more challenging.

Finding a way to be more proactive not only creates better health, it also saves money.



Functional Genomics is the answer


"Every healer back to the beginning of time has sought to answer the questions that are at the crux of health and disease: what is out of balance in this person that is creating illness, and what is needed to restore that balance - and thus their health. In seeking out the answers to these questions, they discovered that while some things worked for many people, not everything was caused by the same imbalances or improved by the same strategies. 

Today, we are utilizing science and technology to improve our accuracy and efficacy. Functional genomics is revolutionizing our ability to uncover the “why” of health with much more precision. 

The information coded in each person’s genome illuminates what they need for health at the cellular level. As we advance the role of DNA in healthcare, the goal remains the same: to personalize prevention, diagnostic and treatment strategies to help people enjoy optimal health for as long as possible. 

Genomics allows us to look even deeper into what makes someone who they are from the inside out.

It illuminates what is it that person really needs for health - in treating diseases that that person might be presenting with, but even more powerfully in potentially preventing disease from ever occurring in the first place."

The Road to Personalized Healing Starts with Functional Genomics


Genomic Testing is the foundation


 DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, makes up the genes that contain the blueprint for how our bodies operate - from energy production in mitochondria to walking and breathing, from cellular health to digesting food, from thinking and running to protection from viruses, how we age and more. While humans are 99.9% alike in our DNA, it's the difference in that 0.1% that makes us each unique. Much of that difference comes from millions of small changes in our DNA.

Genomic testing focuses on these small changes in DNA called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that potentially predispose to disease or problems with medications by altering the body's biochemistry. But knowing about these potential areas of weakness is just the first step. The powerful part is that we know how to modulate their impact, thus potentially changing the outcome by reversing course, delaying onset or even preventing a disease process altogether.

By decoding the instructions contained in DNA, each person becomes empowered with their own operating manual as to what they need for health. They can let go of the struggle as their blueprint guides them to the diet, lifestyle, exercise, supplements and medications that are best suited to their genes. And because we are only human, when life throws a curveball, having this personalized roadmap helps to get back on track much faster and with more precision.


As a physician and leader in Functional Genomics, I've been helping patients and teaching clinicians how to benefit from DNA-directed health and wellness strategies for over a decade.

But awareness of this powerful approach is only the first step. It can be challenging to know how to use it - from understanding the science to choosing the right testing to the clinical integration. That's where my experience in creating advanced clinical genomic testing, education and training can help you shortcut your process so that you feel confident in implementing this cutting-edge tool.

Functional Genomic Consulting


From individual DNA Blueprint services to creating entire testing and training programs, together we'll create the program that best suits your needs.

While each solution is customized to the client, below is a sampling of available services.

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DNA Blueprint Packages

Nutrigenomics package evaluates DNA to provide personalized diet, lifestyle, supplement and exercise recommendations for prevention and disease management strategies.

Pharmacogenomics package evaluates DNA to provide personalized medication guidance for current and/or future medications.

Each includes initial consult, genomic test, customized report, and follow up consult to discuss results and recommendations. Referring clinician support included. Available individually or as a complete package. 

Clinician Mentoring

Personalized medicine gives you the freedom of providing the best care for your patients in a way that is also fulfilling and financially sustaining to you when you create your ideal practice. But it can be overwhelming when you are just getting started in functional or genomic medicine. We’ll work together to create a practice blueprint that is customized to you. You’ll have a mentor to guide you in selecting and implementing all of the moving parts and support you in this new journey.

Genomic Testing

Developing your own program starts with the right genomic testing platform. In an ever-changing and rapidly growing marketplace, knowing which labs to trust is critical. From selecting an appropriate platform from existing genomic testing companies to creating a customized genomic testing platform unique to your organization, we'll work together to create the best solution for your needs.

This can also include clinical support once testing is implemented.

Clinician Education & Training

Fully embrace this innovative approach by creating a training program for your healthcare practitioners or clinic. It can be customized to your needs, and utilize online technologies to deliver the learning efficiently and cost-effectively. In-person workshops and trainings can also be included.

This can also include ongoing updates, advanced training and/or clinical support once implemented.

Nutrigenomic Supplements

Add revenue while supporting patient supplement needs. Consulting to help you select the right supplements from existing dispensaries, create your own line of nutrigenomic supplements, or even offer customized formulations specific to each person's DNA and health needs. 


Clinical Research

Advance your own existing research by adding genomics, or develop new avenues and applications of genomics. The possibilities are endless, for anywhere there is a biochemical or biological process, there are genes that influence them.

Whether you want general guidance or full support in creating your clinical trials, we'll leverage your existing resources or harness new ones to reach your goals.


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