The Science of Energy Healing

energetic health May 01, 2023
woman stretching hand over ocean sunset

Quantum physics has demonstrated that everything exists as a vibrational energy. Some forms of energy have a frequency low enough to make the object solid and therefore visible and physically tangible, such as concrete, trees, mountains, and the human body. Others, such as sound, light, heat and gravity, are invisible but are no less real.

Every living thing requires energy to exist and function, and this comes in different forms. For example, in the human body there are specific “energy generators” called the mitochondria. These tiny powerhouses in our cells convert our food into ATP – the energy that fuels everything needed to be alive. 

While the science behind how energy exists and is utilized for health and well-being is quite complex, efforts have been underway for more than 30 years to create a more approachable understanding.

Originally published in IPHA. To read the full article click here.

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