Reframing Biohacking

health human design spiritual health Apr 12, 2023
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The term biohacking has become a buzzword for those who want to optimize their performance, health, and longevity. Often called "do-it-yourself biology", the focus is on leveraging science to optimize one's biological systems using diet, lifestyle, exercise, supplements, and technology. Typically the approach is a "try it and see", with each person experimenting to see what works for them.

All of this trial and error is well-intentioned, but from my perspective, it is missing the mark.

Words matter. Our bodies and brains pick up the energy behind our words even if we are not aware. Hacking is a very aggressive and even violent word, and very much coming from the masculine energy of controlling or dominating one's body for a specific goal. On an energetic level, it can create resistance or fear in some individuals - counterproductive to supporting health.

I much prefer a more feminine approach, and that starts with the wording.

Rather than "hacking" into our biology, how about learning how to intuitively tune into what we need? While our biology is a fascinating aspect of our health, and I've certainly spent my professional life immersed in many aspects of understanding and supporting it, I've also learned that it is not the only source for answers.

We are complex beings, and we each have our own unique design for who we are and what we need in this lifetime. If there was truly a one-size-fits-all solution, we wouldn't have so many different ways to address health and aging. We wouldn't have so many different gurus touting they have found the answer to health. I've been in many different worlds - conventional medicine, functional and integrative medicine, genomics, spiritual and energetic, mind-body, and more. Each one provides insight, and each one provides potential solutions. But I have found that no single solution works for every person every time.

I am not against technology - it absolutely has a role in all of this. After all, I use it on a daily basis for myself and my patients - genomic and epigenetic testing, lab and biological systems testing, healing technologies, even the software used to generate human design and astrology charts. And as we enter the next decade or so with Pluto transiting through Aquarius, we are going to see an explosion of new technology to help us improve our lives both individually and as a community.

It just needs to be integrated into a broader approach. From my perspective, utilizing technology within a multi-pronged approach helps us understand ourselves better on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. From that understanding, we can more consciously work with the tools we have to create balance within.

Most chronic health issues, particularly those associated with aging, arise from years of wear and tear because we are not living in alignment with our own blueprint. In creating a more collaborative and nurturing mindset, we then can approach our bodies and our health from a place of working WITH our own uniqueness - mind, body and soul. 

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