Integrating Human Design with Genomics & Epigenetics

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As I recently finished my first semester of teaching a holistic approach to genomics and epigenetics in a Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition program, one of the questions that came up was how do I integrate Human Design into this very science-based approach to health?

Each offers insights from different perspectives, and I often find that understanding all aspects helps me get to the core issues and find answers faster. Genomics and Epigenetics give us a really powerful insight into our biology and biochemistry, enabling personalization of diet, lifestyle, supplements, exercise, and medications. But knowledge alone is not always enough to change behaviors or patterns; this is where Human Design can often fill in the missing pieces.

Science and Soul


I was recently reminded of this firsthand. After a very busy and stressful year, I found myself falling back into old patterns of pushing and willing myself to get to the finish line. Then I’d rest and recharge after that. But it took a greater toll than I was willing to admit until my labs showed my HPA axis and adrenals to be quite depleted.

Having helped many women recover from the impact of stress and burnout, I KNOW how to prevent this. I KNOW that overriding my Design with old belief patterns of having to prove myself lands me in this place.

But still, I persisted, beliefs overriding my knowledge, and I ended up exhausted. After initially judging myself harshly, I quickly got back on track by being reminded to have compassion and treating myself as I do my patients.




Revisiting my Human Design, I was reminded of how I am designed to be. It was another experience of myself, a reconnection with my true radiance and the shadows that can get in the way. None of this is good or bad, just an opportunity to recommit to living in alignment by examining and releasing these beliefs that were getting in the way.

The self-acceptance that results is incredibly powerful for healing, as the energy involved in these inner conflicts is now released. The stress response dominated by the sympathetic nervous system can now be more easily rebalanced into the parasympathetic-dominant state required for healing.


Personalized Strategies


At the same time, I revisited my genomic blueprint and epigenetics to remind myself of how my biology and biochemistry are designed to operate – and look at how I had gotten out of alignment here. Having worked through limiting beliefs, I was able to take my knowledge and help me personalize my physical recovery. I adjusted my supplements, diet, and exercise to support best restoring my biological systems.

I also supported my physical, energetic and spiritual healing using meditation, energetic clearing, plus advanced energetic technologies PEMF and red light therapy.

As a result of this multi-pronged approach, my recovery has been faster, and the insights more integrated. I now have the energy to move forward in a much more aligned way.

Struggling with stress or burnout, or just want a clearer path for your health?

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